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Eddie Bauer Trekking Pole

Looking for a durable and stylish trekking pole? look no further than eddie bauer! This new model has a 130 cm (51 in) width and51 in height. It is aluminum made and has a new, high-quality trekkings pole construction. The trekkings pole is a perfect choice for trekkingpoles. Biz sales opportunity.

Eddie Bauer Trekking Poles

The guys at trekking poles have always been amazing! They sent me a new poleset when I had a problem with the old one and they were able to help me out quickly. The poles are perfect for hiking and trekking and are very sturdy. I highly recommend them!

Best Eddie Bauer Trekking Pole

If you're looking for a great sturdy trekking pole to help you along your travels, then you needn't look further than eddie bauer's yellow poles. These great poles are sure to help you get the job done right. With a long life time left in them, the eddie bauer yellow trekking poles will help you reach your destination complete with all the power you need to reach even higher up the valueade list. looking for a great trekking pole? look no further than eddie bauer's yellow trekking poles! These great poles can help keep you hiking and camping perfect, and are sure to keep you safe as well. You've come to the right place. He's back with another great item on the market - the yellow poles. This model is perfect for colder climates, where stumbles and injuries are common. With its sleek design and hard-shell case, eddie bauer is back as a leading company in the outdoor sports industry. the eddie bauer trekking pole is perfect for making short hikes or long trails feel like a whole day of growth. This trekking pole is made of durable materials and is perfect for using in areas of heavy foliage. The trekking pole is made of tough plastic and has an easy to use complex system that is simply beautiful to look at.